October 2015

South Africa, a state evolving to meet the future

Just over a week ago I had the privilege to participate in a seminar at the University of Johannesburg that coincided with a meeting of U21’s manager’s group. The seminar focused on how higher education in Southern Africa needs to evolve to meet the needs and challenges the continent is facing. The seminar gave us insight into how African Universities … Continue reading

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Diversities in a globalized world

I have just left South Africa, heading home to Sweden. Travelling enables you to reflect on the diversities that we encounter in this “globalized” world. Last week I attended the Science and Technology Forum in Kyoto, Japan. The meeting was an interesting mixture of people from all continents, ranging from ministers of different governments including our own Minister Helene Hellmark … Continue reading

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Japan I

Dear all new students. I hope that you have had a good first month in Lund. I am certain that many things seem overwhelming, but be patient; it will all fall into place. I am very happy that you all have chosen Lund University. Personally, I look forward to an exciting month, which includes a couple of important visits starting … Continue reading

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