November 2015 – Paving the way for research collaborations in Asia

The Swedish Academic Collaboration Forum (SACF) has now taken two steps further in the series of jointly organised seminars. I have had the pleasure of leading two Lund University delegations to two separate seminars, one in Singapore 2-5 November and one in Shanghai, China, 16-19 November. All in all, thirteen researchers from seven faculties at Lund University took part in the two seminars.

The objective of the seminars was to increase Singapore and Shanghai’s knowledge of Swedish research and to facilitate meetings between leading researchers from the two countries. Hopefully this will lead to long lasting connections that lead to fruitful collaborations in both a short and a long-term perspective. The immediate objective is to address and discuss issues facing our societies and world today by way of utilising our joint expertise in several research areas, such as:

Materials Science
Ageing Society
Sustainable Development
Urban Planning

In the feedback received, a large proportion of the participating researchers stated that they found the seminars valuable, but often in different ways. Some established new contacts in Singapore and in Shanghai. Some connected with fellow colleagues from other Swedish universities. A clear outcome was the fact that it is very valuable to learn about the Asian perspective of global challenges of today. And how, for example, the Chinese university system works.

Coming up next year is two more seminars, one in Indonesia and one in Brazil. And a final seminar in Stockholm next autumn that will sum up the learning we have made during this series of seminars and take it to the next level.

For more information on the respective seminars, please visit the SACF website


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