University of Copenhagen and Trinity College Dublin – new members in LERU!

Last week I attended the LERU (League of European Research Universities) Rectors’ Assembly in Heidelberg. At the meeting we decided to admit two new members, the University of Copenhagen and Trinity College Dublin. The highly ranked universities are strong in research and education and will be of great value to our network. I look forward to closer collaboration with them.

Warmest congratulations to the two institutions!

Eva Wiberg

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Quality assurance in Sweden and at Lund University

The  Swedish Higher Education Authority recently hosted a meeting on the forthcoming period of evaluations of Swedish higher education in 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles. This new type of evaluation will focus on how well the HEI:s contribute to secure and evolve education on all levels in a systematic way. Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area ( (ESG) will be followed when the processes of quality assurance are analyzed. In its first period, starting from 2017 with pilots, the Agency plans to evaluate a number education programs, focusing om 3rd cycle (doctoral) programs and a selection of professional qualifications. In 2020 Lund University will undergo a full review of the internal quality assurance procedures. As an institution we will be asked to show how our procedures result in high quality and contribute to development of quality. Programs offered by Lund University meet high standards of quality today, as earlier reviews have shown. We always strive for continuous improvement of quality and therefore the procedures here at Lund will not only assess the quality, but also help to improve the ongoing enhancement of our education.

All in all, this national model of quality assurance is in line with international (European) development which is very satisfactory because it makes partnership with other countries and institutions easier. The model has been developed in close collaboration with the higher education sector including students and other stakeholders and will be launched in a spirit of mutual understanding.

I very much look forward to working with the quality enhancement together with colleagues and students at our university!

Eva Wiberg





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A Jubilee tour to Berkeley and UCLA

Lund University was in California last week to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of our exchange agreement with the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP).

It is Lund’s oldest exchange agreement, and largest in volume. During the years over 4000 have participated in the programme.

The celebration was held Saturday evening (October 21) at the Fowler Museum at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles), about 150 persons attended the reception, most of them alumni. Some of the oldest alumni were there, one person who came to Lund in 1967, witnessing the change from driving on the left side to the right, on 3 September 1967!

It was a hectic week with a tight but really exciting program. We learned a lot and I think this was mutual.

Whilst being in California I took the opportunity to visit our partner Universities University of California Berkeley (UCB) and UCLA.

At Berkeley I meet with the Scandinavian Studies Department and the Center for European Studies.  I also had fruitful discussions about how to take our partnership beyond student mobility and build on our good relations and already existing collaborations with Dr. Tsu-Jae King Liu, Vice Provost for Academic and Space Planning.

At UCLA I had a very productive meeting with Chancellor Gene Block. Among other things we discussed how to deepen our relation and enhance collaborations between our institutions.



I also met with representatives for the Scandinavian Section, Germanic Languages Department, International Education Office, and UCEAP, as well as Lund students on campus and UCLA-students going to Lund.

In San Francisco, in the evening of Wednesday 19, Lund University hosted a LU Alumni & Friends Event. About 40 people attended, mainly alumni.  Here I met Dana, an alumna from 1966. Dana was part of the first group of students to   study at within the UCEAP. I enjoyed listening to her experiences and the challenges involved being an exchange student at LU at that time when all courses were taught in Swedish.


On Thursday evening we had a Friends of Lund University event held at the Wende Museum in LA. Among others quite a few alumni attended.

On Saturday  (before the reception at the Fowler Museum)  Associate Professor Olof Hedling gave an appreciated  lecture on Scandinavian Popular Culture on the International Stage, from books to films: Nordic Noir, Henning Mankell in particular and recent crime films.

The week has been intense and I have learned so much from the meetings I have had.

There are many inspiring activities that our University is part of in California, and I have only experienced some of them. Our University is very well received there and we look forward to further collaborations.

Many thanks to UCEAP,  UCLA and Berkely, to all alumni and staff!


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Rome and Lund in September


The Pope

A couple of weeks ago I attended a conference in Italy where I was one of the speakers at the XIII International Symposium entitled “Knowledge and Mercy. The Third Mission of the University” – a symposium that is part of the World Conference of University Rectors held at the  Università Tor Vergata in Rome during 7-11 September, followed by an international master course  course on peace, sustainability, migration and ecology. The conference’s main objective was to address a range of issues that are particularly relevant in the current geo-political environment: those of ethics, dialogue and integration. Rectors coming from all continents were present. The conference ended with a special visit to the President of the Italian Republic in the Quirinale palace, and an Audience with Pope Francis at Piazza San Pietro, Vatican City. And on 31 October Pope Francis will be visiting Lund. The historic visit takes place due to the joint Ecumenical Commemoration of the Reformation. Pope Francis will take part in an Ecumenical Commemoration in the Cathedral of Lund with specially invited guests. This will be broadcasted on Swedish public television. More information about the Joint Ecumenical Commemoration can be found on:


On 27 September, the US Ambassador to Sweden – Azita Raji – visited Lund University. It was an honour to receive Ambassador Raji and this was the Ambassador’s first visit to Lund University since her confirmation in February this year. I think that it is very valuable to meet with foreign missions on a regular basis. We discussed how joint research projects could be facilitated, and in particular after the recent signing of a bilateral research cooperation between Sweden and the US on cancer research.

We also had good discussions about recruitment of students to Sweden and to the US, Visas and internships in the US and in Lund and Sweden in general.

In 2012, the US embassy’s mobile representation visited Lund University. The US embassy’s visit was part of a “Roadshow”, in which the embassy visited various locations around Sweden and temporarily set up its mobile embassy. When President Obama acceded to the presidency in 2009, he wanted the Department of State’s missions abroad to go beyond the capital and travel around their host country in an effort to promote dialogue and openness. This led to the idea of a Roadshow in which several of the embassy’s divisions and services would participate. The purpose of the Roadshow was to make it easier for people to come into contact with the embassy to ask questions, and to enable an exchange of experiences between Swedish and American persons.

Eva Wiberg


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Dear students, welcome to Lund University and Sweden!

A week has passed since our Arrival Day and I hope it has been an exciting and interesting week for you.

Lund University is very honored that you have chosen to study at our university, and now you are here! Congratulations! I hope that you will have a wonderful time here.

This semester we have once again welcomed a large group of international students from more than 110 different countries all over the world. We are very fortunate to have you here with us. You inspire us and put the world in new and different perspectives. All students and staff benefit from this. The global classroom is very much alive here at Lund University!

The international dimension and internationalisation as such are crucial aspects for Lund University to act and make a difference in an increasingly globalised world. And you are important as ambassadors for us as well as for your countries. Your experiences are important to us since it enhances the international dimension of what we do in both education and research.

With your help and enthusiasm, we will continue to encourage more students and staff to take the chance to go global and make a difference in this world.

You are of course here to study and this part is the most important one in your stay, but do not forget to participate in the extracurricular activities that Studentlund offers, Studentlund encompasses the “nations” – student social clubs, the Academic society AF, that you probably saw when you arrived and the student unions, that handle politics, but are not linked to political parties. Remember that Lund is considered number one in Sweden when it comes to student life, so I strongly recommend you to sign up for the Studentlund membership which gives you access to everything that characterizes Lund University life.

I wish you all the best for your stay here in Sweden! Good luck with everything and remember to have fun!

Eva Wiberg

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Summer is here – time to look back at spring activities!

I hope your spring semester has been as exciting and interesting as mine has been. May has been a busy month with several high-level meetings within the framework of our prioritized networks U21 and LERU.

Together with Marianne Gullberg (Humanities Laboratory) Sanimir Resic (Faculties of Humanities and Theology), Anna Bruce and Gregor Noll (Faculty of Law) I participated at the U21 Language Science & Global Mobility workshop that took place on 25-26 April at the University of Edinburgh.  The objective with the workshop was to develop plans for a U21 initiative in language science, tentatively known as the Global Research Alliance in Language (GRAIL). Discussions were also held around language and migration issues. Recommendations from the workshop were reviewed in early May by leaders from U21 institutions at meetings in Washington DC and Singapore.

The U21 3-day workshop Informing Climate Action 2016 on 2-4 May at the University of Maryland (UMD) in early May was a huge undertaking with participation by several researchers from Lund University on the topics of climate, energy and sustainability research. The workshop was integrated with the 2016 Climate Action Forum on 4 May, which was an open conference linked to the high-level Climate Action 2016 Summit co-organised by UMD, the World Bank and the UN, with the participation of  Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. I had the pleasure to speak with the Secretary-General in a bilateral meeting, discussing cooperation between the UN and U21.

The week in Washington DC started with an event at House of Sweden with specially invited scientists, researchers and management from U21 member universities. Together with the Chair of our University Board, Ambassador Jonas Hafström I also took the opportunity to meet with the Chair of Lund University Foundation, Mr Göran Eriksson, to discuss coming activities with our Foundation in the US. Since May I’m a member of the board of LUF, a position that I highly value.

The U21 Annual General Meeting was held at the National University of Singapore on 11-13 May. U21 might soon have its 26th member as discussions are held with the University of Zurich to join the network. This was my last AGM as Executive Director for U21, but I will continue my engagement within the network from my position as Deputy Vice-Chancellor. For more information about U21, please visit

At the annual LERU Rectors’ Assembly on 20-21 May the question of membership was raised. The Assembly agreed on inviting three new members, i.e., the University of Copenhagen, ETH Zurich and Trinity College Dublin. For more information about LERU, please visit

Looking towards 2017

An important conclusion after the meetings in Edinburgh and Washington was a commitment to organize a major U21 conference on the topic of migration in 2017 in Hong Kong.  The idea was endorsed at the U21 AGM in Singapore. One of Universitas 21’s missions is to raise a voice in the public debate and commit our resources to help improve the situation in the world today.

The conference in Hong Kong will most probably discuss migration from four different viewpoints:


Lund University will of course take an active part in all the discussions through our dedicated researchers within these important areas. This is a way of putting research at Lund University in the spotlight. More information to come.

I wish you all a pleasant and relaxing summer!








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We are proud to host the IDAHOT day at Lund University!

IDAHOT day at Lund University. We are proud to have the rainbow flag on top of our main building today! And in many other parts of the university. We are all humans, let us be kind to each other!

IDAHOTdag 17 mars 2016

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Sweden Excellence Seminar in Indonesia

I have had the pleasure of leading the SACF delegation during the Indonesia-Sweden Excellence Seminar with activities taking place in Yogyakarta, Bandung and Jakarta.  In Yogyakarta 32 colleagues from the Swedish universities of Uppsala, Stockholm, KTH, Chalmers, Linköping and Lund University  discussed around current issues with top Indonesian researchers, focusing on how Swedish and Indonesian researchers can collaborate in the future within:

Maritime Development and Marine Technology
Urban Planning
Local Resilience and Disaster Management
Renewable Energy
Civil Society

The Lund University representatives  included Dean Viktor Öwall, as well as Magnus Genrup (both Faculty of Engineering), Anders Uhlin (Faculty of Social Sciences), Benedict Oppong Asamoah (Faculty of Medicine), Klas Malmqvist (Division at Research, Collaboration and Innovation), Richard Stenelo, Head of International Office and myself. The discussions were very valuable for me as we had the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with the participating university leaders from Sweden and Indonesia regarding issues such as sustainable research management and the future of higher education.

While I was continuing to Jakarta after the seminar to meet important partners of Lund University and to reconnect to our alumni, some of LU’s participants took advantage of the opportunity to deepen their scientific discussions that started during the seminar. Professor Anders Uhlin organised together with Professor Purwo Santoso (UGM) a workshop with the title “Formal and Informal Politics: Lessons regarding Civil Society and Governance” at Universitas Gadjah Mada, in which also Dr. Benedict Oppong Asamoah participated.

Professor Viktor Öwall and Professor Magnus Genrup participated in a mini-symposium on “Renewable Energy and Urban Planning” at Institut Teknologi Bandung.

Judging by the feedback received, the participating researchers found the seminar valuable in different ways. Getting to know the Indonesian research and educational system was considered as invaluable for future collaboration activities.

Sweden has a tradition in research related to Indonesia. An excellent example is Professor Anders Uhlin from the Department of Political Science who wrote his PhD-dissertation about the Indonesian pro-democracy movement in the 1990s. An Indonesian translation of the book was published right after the fall of President Suharto in 1998 and has apparently been used as required reading in many political science courses up until today, something Anders learnt about both from workshop participants in Yogyakarta and when he gave a guest lecture for more than 100 lecturers and students at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta. For Anders who has not worked that closely with Indonesia for a long time, this was an excellent opportunity to develop both old and new contacts with Indonesian researchers.

For more information, please visit the SACF website.



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The academic world urges publishers to enter a brave new world!


Recently LERU, (League of European Research Universities) /published a statement on open access. Swedish and European universities pay significant parts of their budgets to publishers, in a European perspecitve, hundreds of millions of Euros.

In the era of Open Science and  Open Data, Open Access to publications is one of the cornerstones of the new research paradigm, and the business models of the publishers must support this transition. It should be one of the principal objectives of policy makers to ensure that this transition happens.  Open Science is here, and with increasingly tighter budgets within institutions, rising subscription costs and article processing charges, policy makers should make it one of their  principal objectives so that reviewed and transparent research is spread to the entire academic world.

At Lund University we strongly support the LERU initative and look forward to a transition from traditional subscription models to an Open Access future. Researchers are looking for a change in publishing models and Open Access is swiftly becoming the default way in which research publications are made availiable to as wide audience as possible.


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Lund University welcomes new international students!

This semester some 650 international students arrived in Lund on 11 January. This is a great moment for Lund University, the arrival of you students from all over the world, most of you through an exchange programme! All in all you represent more than 50 different nationalities. We value the diversity this brings to our global classroom. Canada, China, the US, Australia, Germany and Singapore are represented with the largest groups of students this spring. Whether you are a big group of students coming from a country or the only one from your country, you will soon be experiencing the hospitality of Lund University and its students, its inhabitants.

At Lund University we strive to develop the international learning environment and also to strengthen the international perspectives in education. And in this effort you are an important part! We would like to give all our students the opportunity to develop global awareness, be it at home or abroad, and an interest in international affairs.

I am very pleased that you have chosen to study  at Lund University. I promise that we will do our utmost to make you feel welcome and even feel a little bit at home. So, make the most of your time here – get involved, meet new people, explore your new surroundings and have fun! Enjoy your first Swedish fika – the traditional coffee/tea break at least once a day!

Have a nice spring semester at Lund University!


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