An international blog just started!

I’m into blogging from now on! As Deputy Vice-Chancellor I have a special responsibility for international issues, ranging from education to research and innovation, besides being responsible for first-, second- and third cycle education. My blog will include notes about what is going on at Lund University and at other institutions in Sweden and abroad. I will also refer to activities within the Universitas 21 network in my new position as Executive Director.

Lund University has almost 47 000 students, many of whom come from other countries. Students, you are the heart of our University, as our new Vice-Chancellor, Torbjörn von Schantz, points out in his blog. Your experience is the most valuable tool for our teachers and all members of the academic community in order to improve education at our University. Your course evaluations give us opportunities to understand how the teaching is working and how it can be improved. Students don’t forget to fill in your course evaluations; your anonymity is guaranteed.

The student union leaders work with student rights and contribute to the management of the University. The representation of students in all decision making bodies is extremely important, and the current leaders of the umbrella organisation LUS (Lund University Students’ Unions), Oscar Styf, president, and Sebastian Persson, vice president, are elected by the student unions and work to safeguard your rights, being part of the management.

Our student leaders have international outreach within different networks, one being the Universitas 21 Student Leaders Network. The vice president and another student representative from Lund University will attend the Universitas 21 Student Leaders Network meeting in Singapore at the end of February. The meeting will focus on the theme Nurturing Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow’s Challenges. Every country has its own potential and challenges when it comes to education in a globalized world, and the students are agents for change here!


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