Lund University (LU) and Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (PUC-Chile)

This year’s Universitas 21 annual presidents’ meeting and general meeting took place in Santiago de Chile. While in Chile we met with our fellow U21 University PUC- Chile and with Conicyt, Chile’s National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research.

PUC-Chile is an important partner for Lund University in Chile and Latin America with 22000 students in 18 faculties. It is one of the best universities in Latin America (ranked nr 1 in the QS Latin-American ranking). They truly tell the story of a successful university in a country with the strongest economy in the Latin American region. At PUC I signed a bilateral student and staff exchange agreement with the President of PUC, Professor Ignacio Sanchez.



The field of Engineering is a good example of fruitful collaboration between Lund University and PUC-Chile through the Magallahes network. Other fields of interest and where researchers from PUC-Chile have written joint publications with Lund University are in Food Technology, Astronomy, Political Science and Medicine. Astronomy in particular is a very interesting field as the largest telescope in the world is currently being built in the Atacama desert in Chile by the European Southern Observatory (Sweden is one of the partners). This could be a great possibility for Lund University and PUC-Chile to foster deeper relations and joint research activities.

When we visited Conicyt, we met with its Director in order to exchange information about Lund University’s research and education (and Sweden as a whole). Especially research cooperations between leading Chilean and Swedish researchers were on the agenda.



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