Lund University welcomes new international students!

This semester some 650 international students arrived in Lund on 11 January. This is a great moment for Lund University, the arrival of you students from all over the world, most of you through an exchange programme! All in all you represent more than 50 different nationalities. We value the diversity this brings to our global classroom. Canada, China, the US, Australia, Germany and Singapore are represented with the largest groups of students this spring. Whether you are a big group of students coming from a country or the only one from your country, you will soon be experiencing the hospitality of Lund University and its students, its inhabitants.

At Lund University we strive to develop the international learning environment and also to strengthen the international perspectives in education. And in this effort you are an important part! We would like to give all our students the opportunity to develop global awareness, be it at home or abroad, and an interest in international affairs.

I am very pleased that you have chosen to study  at Lund University. I promise that we will do our utmost to make you feel welcome and even feel a little bit at home. So, make the most of your time here – get involved, meet new people, explore your new surroundings and have fun! Enjoy your first Swedish fika – the traditional coffee/tea break at least once a day!

Have a nice spring semester at Lund University!


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