So many fond memories!

Looking back on five and a half years of exciting meetings and events in the company of friends and colleagues, my term as Deputy Vice-Chancellor has come to an end. Starting 1 July, I will be the new Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gothenburg.

An international university

Lund University is an international university that encompasses so many students and researchers from other countries. This is at heart of the university! It has a huge potential to attract international students and staff. Ever since Sweden introduced tuition fees for international students, the University has worked hard to market the vast range of programmes and courses offered at Lund University and it has really paid off. Today, Lund University is the #1 choice for international students coming to Sweden! Many phd-students come from abroad and have gained a position in tough competition, an enormous asset to the university, together with our Swedish phd-students.

Strategic partnerships

Building partnerships is an important part in our efforts to continue to develop as an international university and today we are working strategically with four partners – the University of Hamburg, the University of Maryland, the University of Nottingham and the University of Toronto. Within these partnerships, we have agreed to support activities that are of mutual importance and to build relationships that will benefit future collaborations.

Research collaborations

In February this year, close to a hundred participants from Brazil, China, Indonesia, Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Singapore and Sweden met in Stockholm for one final seminar. The Swedish Academic Collaboration Forum – SACF – series of seminars were summarized after three years of intense research seminars around the globe.

What we together set out to do in 2014 can now be summarised into a list of many important and interesting achievements:

Existing collaborations have been strengthened
New collaborations have been formed
New agreements have been signed
Funding opportunities have arisen
Plans for future cooperation activities are in place
And much more…
A common platform
Utilising the same platform, i.e. universities and researchers in different parts of the world join forces and organise seminars and meetings where researchers will share and learn from colleagues around the world, three new projects are now up and running:

  • The MIRAI project – connecting Swedish and Japanese Universities through Research, Education and Innovation – coincides with the celebration of 150 years of diplomatic relations and trade between Sweden and Japan in 2018
  • The ACCESS project – Academic Collaboration Chile – Sweden– will hold its first seminar in August at Lund University
  • South Africa – Sweden University Forum – now in progress

I’m happy to say that both Lund University and the University of Gothenburg are among the seven Swedish universities that will work closely with eight Japanese universities over the next three years within the MIRAI project. I especially look forward to the first joint seminar in Lund in October!

Great achievements
It’s important to recognise achievements and take the time celebrate when the opportunity presents itself. One such occasion took place in California in October last year when Lund University together with the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) celebrated 50 years of student exchange. The programme is Lund’s oldest exchange programme and also the largest in volume. Since 1966 over 4 000 students have participated in the programme.

Although I’m leaving for the University of Gothenburg, Lund University will always have a special place in my heart!

I wish you all the best for the future and don’t forget to celebrate!

Have a nice summer break and let’s meet sometime soon!


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