Spring network meetings proudly representing Lund University

Visit to Japan in April

In light of the ongoing Swedish–Japanese research collaboration project – MIRAI, I together with Professors Viktor Öwall (Dean of the Faculty of Engineering) and Olov Sterner (Dean of the Faculty of Science) and International Director, Mr Richard Stenelo visited Tokyo on 20-24 April.

We met with some of the Japanese universities already on board with the MIRAI project, but also with representatives from the Swedish Embassy. At the top of our list was of course to discuss the upcoming research seminar within the MIRAI project to be held at Lund University in October this year.

At a follow-up meeting with Keio University – Hiyosh campus, we presented how the education system for researchers is set up in Sweden in general, and at Lund University in particular. Keio University presented a really interesting concept, the “Leading Graduate Programme”. Perhaps something Swedish universities can adopt.

Universitas 21 – Annual Network Meeting at the University of Nottingham

During the meeting, Lund University together with the University of Nottingham signed a strategic partnership agreement – an agreement that I hope will lay the ground for a fruitful collaboration over the coming years.

In celebration of the U21 collaboration, 25 trees were planted at the University of Nottingham’s “Universitas 21 Avenue” during the meetings, one to represent each of the twenty-five U21 member universities.

Two new member universities were welcomed this year:

University of Zurich, Switzerland
Waseda University, Japan
Two member universities decided to leave the network:

Ohio State University, USA
McGill University, Canada

In 2018 Universitas 21 will celebrate twentyone years of collaboration. I wish the Universitas 21 Network all the best for the future and feel a bit sad that I will not be able to join the celebrations when I move on to become the next Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Best of luck!

LERU Rectors’ Assembly

At the 32nd LERU Rectors’ Assembly, held at the University of Cambridge, 19 & 20 May 2017, two new members were welcomed:

University of Copenhagen
Trinity College Dublin
The LERU advice paper on EC Framework Programme 9 was presented and discussed among the members. The draft paper was approved after a few small adjustments. The FP9 advice paper will be presented in Brussels in June.

The Brexit negotiations were also on the agenda. The present EU position on the Brexit negotiations were presented and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge sketched the expected reaction of the UK government to this position.

Swedish State Visit to Indonesia 22-24 May

A delegation from Lund University, under the lead of Professor Viktor Öwall – Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, participated in this three-day state visit.

At the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) a seminar on “triple helix” and innovation was held on the third day of the state visit. The seminar was a joint arrangement between ITB and Lund University.

The Swedish triple helix model, in which cooperation between public actors, the business sector and universities has led to a positive innovation climate, has attracted a great deal of attention in Indonesia. During the seminar, Professor Öwall, held a keynote speech on the University’s role in the triple helix.

EWORA – The European Women Rectors Association

On 29-30 May, the 5th European Women Rectors Conference took place in Brussels. I represented Sweden together with the Swedish Minister for Higher Education and Research,  Mrs Helene Hellmark Knutsson and the former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Karlstad, Professor Christina Ullenius.

The objective of this conference was to promote a better understanding of gender disparity in academic leadership by discussing the policies, strategies and actions employed in different European HE institutions for empowering women academics and achieving gender equality.

I concur with our Minister’s statement that continued hard work is required to create an equal academy where all skills are taken care of regardless of gender.

The picture shows our Minister together with the President of EWORA, Professor Gulsun Saglamer, former Rector of Istanbul Technical University.


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