Summer is here – time to look back at spring activities!

I hope your spring semester has been as exciting and interesting as mine has been. May has been a busy month with several high-level meetings within the framework of our prioritized networks U21 and LERU.

Together with Marianne Gullberg (Humanities Laboratory) Sanimir Resic (Faculties of Humanities and Theology), Anna Bruce and Gregor Noll (Faculty of Law) I participated at the U21 Language Science & Global Mobility workshop that took place on 25-26 April at the University of Edinburgh.  The objective with the workshop was to develop plans for a U21 initiative in language science, tentatively known as the Global Research Alliance in Language (GRAIL). Discussions were also held around language and migration issues. Recommendations from the workshop were reviewed in early May by leaders from U21 institutions at meetings in Washington DC and Singapore.

The U21 3-day workshop Informing Climate Action 2016 on 2-4 May at the University of Maryland (UMD) in early May was a huge undertaking with participation by several researchers from Lund University on the topics of climate, energy and sustainability research. The workshop was integrated with the 2016 Climate Action Forum on 4 May, which was an open conference linked to the high-level Climate Action 2016 Summit co-organised by UMD, the World Bank and the UN, with the participation of  Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. I had the pleasure to speak with the Secretary-General in a bilateral meeting, discussing cooperation between the UN and U21.

The week in Washington DC started with an event at House of Sweden with specially invited scientists, researchers and management from U21 member universities. Together with the Chair of our University Board, Ambassador Jonas Hafström I also took the opportunity to meet with the Chair of Lund University Foundation, Mr Göran Eriksson, to discuss coming activities with our Foundation in the US. Since May I’m a member of the board of LUF, a position that I highly value.

The U21 Annual General Meeting was held at the National University of Singapore on 11-13 May. U21 might soon have its 26th member as discussions are held with the University of Zurich to join the network. This was my last AGM as Executive Director for U21, but I will continue my engagement within the network from my position as Deputy Vice-Chancellor. For more information about U21, please visit

At the annual LERU Rectors’ Assembly on 20-21 May the question of membership was raised. The Assembly agreed on inviting three new members, i.e., the University of Copenhagen, ETH Zurich and Trinity College Dublin. For more information about LERU, please visit

Looking towards 2017

An important conclusion after the meetings in Edinburgh and Washington was a commitment to organize a major U21 conference on the topic of migration in 2017 in Hong Kong.  The idea was endorsed at the U21 AGM in Singapore. One of Universitas 21’s missions is to raise a voice in the public debate and commit our resources to help improve the situation in the world today.

The conference in Hong Kong will most probably discuss migration from four different viewpoints:


Lund University will of course take an active part in all the discussions through our dedicated researchers within these important areas. This is a way of putting research at Lund University in the spotlight. More information to come.

I wish you all a pleasant and relaxing summer!








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