The highest percentage of Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility to Lund University!

The allocation of funds to the European Commission’s new programme Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility is now complete and Lund University came through with flying colours. Of the total number of mobilities granted in Sweden, 37.9 per cent went to Lund University, which in effect means that 142 out of 143 pending mobilities were approved by the Swedish Council for Higher Education. These mobilities span two years and are spread over several geographic areas for both incoming and outgoing students and employees. No other Swedish university has received such a high proportion of mobilities granted in the current call.

In addition, the Swedish Council for Higher Education listed Lund University’s application as a best practice case.

Decision Letter – Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility 2015 Lund University (link to pdf)

The distribution of mobilities among Swedish universities (link to pdf)

Swedish Institute scholarship recipients 2015/2016

Lund University has also been very successful in the selection process for scholarships in Sweden. When the Swedish Institute recently published its lists of students who are nominated for scholarships in 2015, Lund received 37.6 per cent of the total number of scholarships. In total, 109 students have been selected for scholarships in Sweden and 41 of these students have been admitted to Master’s degree programmes at Lund University. This is a fantastic result which truly reflects our international students’ competitiveness and talent.

Even though our students were awarded 41 scholarships, it is in fact a decrease of 110 scholarships compared to last year. The reason for the decrease is that the Swedish Institute was not able to offer any general scholarships in the Study Scholarship programme this year. We truly hope that the Swedish Institute will get additional funds not only to reinstate but also to develop the Study Scholarship programme in 2016. The programme is very important in order to support a diverse student population in Sweden.

The lists of scholarship recipients can be found on the Swedish Institute website

The news about the success in getting scholarships and Erasmus+ International Credit Mobilities to Lund University are truly great! Congratulations to all persons involved in making this happen!




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