The University of Nottingham – Lund University’s first strategic partnership

On 9-10 March I had the opportunity to discuss together with Assoc. Prof. Sanimir Resic (LU), Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof. Nick Miles and Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof. Peter Stockwell (both University of Nottingham – UoN) how we will move forward with the strategic partnership between our universities.

A partnership agreement between UoN and LU will be signed during the Universitas 21 Annual General Meeting in Nottingham in May this year. Common areas of interest (outside of science) such as diversity, quality assurance, financing of infrastructure and laboratories and LU’s Commissioned Education will be included in the agreement to guide us in our future joint activities. I believe strongly that sharing and exchanging expertise in these areas will further deepen the relationship between our two universities which will be crucial once Brexit is finalised.

During the meeting, it became clear that there is a need to support the “middle phase” between seed funding and successful joint research applications. It is also important to have regular meetings on the management level for follow-up, evaluations of the partnership and discussions on how to move forward.

In the future, we hope to work together through, for example, Joint Master’s courses, Joint PhDs, administrative staff exchange, our different areas of expertise and send LU students to UoN’s Ningbo/China campus.

A strategic partnership is a long-term financial commitment and at Lund University we are working strategically with four partners – Universität Hamburg, University of Maryland, University of Nottingham and University of Toronto. Within these partnerships, we have agreed to support activities that are of mutual importance and to build relationships that will benefit future collaborations.


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