U21 annual awards: call for nominations!

Nominations have now opened for the 2016 Gilbert Medal and U21 Awards for Internationalisation and I would very much like faculty, staff and the student body within the U21 network to nominate candidates. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight and recognise outstanding achievements within internationalisation.

The Gilbert Medal is awarded annually to recognise outstanding and significant achievement in the internationalisation of higher education by someone outside the U21 network. The inaugural Gilbert Medal was awarded to Dr Allan Goodman, CEO of the Institute for International Education, in 2012 at Lund University.  I met Dr Goodman earlier this year in Washington DC, and I understand that he is doing important work in order to advance international education worldwide, especially for disadvantaged  young people. This is a good example of a Gilbert Medal awardee!

The Gilbert Medal itself features the winning design from a competition among students at Lund University in 2012. The picture taken by Jonas Jacobson shows Lund University design students Piotr Szpryngwald and Mirko Ihrig together with Dr Allan Goodman at the award ceremony in May 2012

Goodman Gilbert medal 2012

The U21 Awards recognise contributions from within member universities to the internationalisation of higher education. The Awards recognise significant contribution either through a particularly innovative or extraordinary project that furthers internationalisation, or a sustained and prolonged contribution to building relations between U21 members to support internationalisation. The first U21 Awards were presented in 2012 to Dr Karen Gardner from the University of British Columbia, Canada and Professor Göte Hansson of Lund University, Sweden.

The next Gilbert Medal and U21 Awards will be awarded at the next Presidents’ meeting, to be held at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in May 2016.

All members of faculty, staff and the student body within the U21 network are able to put inspirational figures forward for nomination. Please note that any nominations for the Gilbert Medal need the active support of the Vice-Chancellor.
For more information and to obtain the nomination forms, please contact U21 Liaison Officer Ulrika Qvist Mathiesen (ulrika.qvist_mathiesen@er.lu.se) at Lund University

Internal deadline for nominations is 7 September 2015.
For more information about the Gilbert Medal and U21 Awards, please visit the U21 website







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To increase understanding, trust and partnership between international universities; enhance teaching, learning and research across physical boundaries; and strengthen collaboration between like-minded universities across the world – those are some of the core objectives of the Universitas 21 network.

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