Washington DC: IIE

Last week I visited Washington DC and the University of Maryland, one of our partner universities and a co-member of Universitas 21. I would like to share my experiences in a couple of blogs, this being the first.

Arriving in the capital of USA I met the president of the Institute of International Education (IIE), Professor Allan Goodman, an extremely nice man who really deserves the epithet “good”. The engagement of the IIE in helping researchers and students in endangered positions is well known all over the world, and their Scholar Rescue Fund has helped many persons to be able to pursue their research in universities outside their home countries where the situation for them has become dangerous or unbearable. IIE has a whole program for internationalization of higher education, including Generation Study Abroad, which is an initiative created to double the number of U.S. college students studying abroad by the end 2020. Just take a look at their webpage. I’m sure that our contacts with IIE will be fruitful and that we will engage in common initiatives.

The purpose of the visit to Washington DC was to find out how Lund University (and the Universitas 21) can benefit and be of help to organizations which somehow deal with higher education and research policies, global education issues and strengthen widening participation of young students. Another purpose was to pay visit to the University of Maryland.

The Swedish Embassy in Washington was extremely kind and helpful in giving us the shortcut to the USAID and the NIH. More posts from Washington will follow.


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